Setting Up Your WiFi The Right Way

At Broad Networks we focus on Home & Business networks,from your Internal networks via cable or WiFi to Point To Point Radio systems to link up Cottages and outbuildings giving them full access to your internet connection.

When going out to see customers we find many have Extenders or boosters around their house showing that they have good WiFi signal but never good reliable internet connectivity, this is due to the limitation in how a Extender/booster operates.

Extenders/Boosters connect to your main access point or router via wireless to further push the signal into your home or business.
In order to do this correctly you would need to ensure that your extender/booster is positioned at a point in your home where their is good WiFi signal so that the booster itself has a reliable and fast connection back to your source of internet, most of the time you will find that the booster is too far away from the router/access point and that is why it is unreliable or slow.

Below is an example of an extender setup.

What we prefer to do when increasing WiFi coverage is use an access point which is similar to how a booster operates except that it uses a Network cable to send its data to and from your router.

This gives you full access to your internet connection at the extended coverage point as the hard wire between the two does not have to deal with interference within your home or business.

Below is an example of an access point setup.

We offer cost effective solutions to increase your WiFi coverage and performance,some of our hardware is listed below and explained why we use them.

Mikrotik Rb951 Access Point/ Router

The Mikrotik Rb951 is a router that can be used as an access point to increase your wifi coverage with its high powered wifi Radio it provides great coverage and speeds with great functionality to assist in troubleshooting issues within your network.

The only downside to this product is the lack of compatibility with Apple products.

Hardware Cost:R1200

Mikrotik CAP AC

Another wonderful product from Mikrotik which can be mounted onto your ceiling and provides good coverage and speeds however is also lacking in compatibility with Apple products.

Hardware Cost:R1450

Unifi AC LR

The Unifi AC LR is a great choice for those that have Apple products in their home,this access point provides good coverage and speeds with a sleek design.

This is our number 1 Access Point as it has the best compatibility with devices.

Hardware Cost:R2200

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